Big Mike - Fort Worth, TX


Big mike has been performing with bands and as a solo artist in the North Texas area for over 20 years. Starting off in garages with friends like John Main, Joshua Booth, Rob Tate, Bennie Holcomb, John Breedlove and Kevin Sims, then moving on to gigging bands in high school with Brian Spradlin, and also Catch 22.

Mike played after high school with the King South band then moved to Austin, TX for 3 years for college, eventually studying pharmacy for a year before heading back to Fort Worth, TX in 1997. Since moving to Fort Worth, Mike has played with:

  • The Underground Railroad (original prog rock band)
  • 4 way street (CSNY tribute band)
  • The Partycrashers (classic soul/rock/dance band)
  • Dazey Chain (classic soul/rnb/funk cover band)
  • Big Mike’s Box of ROCK (60s-90s classic rock covers)
  • Protect & Swerve (police/sting cover band)

Mike currently does regular solo acoustic shows, and performs occasionally with a few different cover bands

Big Mike Richardson – Fort Worth, TX